Forbes has shared an article about Fiatjaf, and the creation of Nostr. While some info the article shares might not be new to the Nostr OGs, there are some cool facts about Fiatjaf you may not know.

  • Fiatjaf was born in 1991 in Brazil’s busy southeastern region.

  • On a school trip to a Fiat car factory, he got a hat with the Fiat logo. Later, he used ‘Fiat’ and his old nickname, JAF (whose meaning is a secret), to create his online username.

  • He studied economics at a university in Brazil in the early 2010s and got interested in the Austrian school of economics.

  • He learned about Bitcoin in 2011 and even tried to mine some: “I mined for an entire night, and I got 5,000 Satoshis.”

  • He worked on an experiment named Piln, where servers could charge small Bitcoin amounts to store files on a decentralized database.

  • He also worked on Etleneum, a project that combined Bitcoin with smart contracts, letting coders write complex transactions.

  • Fiatjaf’s big break came when developer Arc asked for his help hacking Pac-Man. As Arc said later, “When I was reading the protocol, I was like, ‘Dude, this is like Diagon Alley,’ and he said, ‘That’s one of the things which helped influence the creation of Nostr.’”

Arc summed up the potential of Nostr beautifully:

“A lot of the things people wanted to see built on Bitcoin, could simply be built on Nostr.”

Want to know more about Nostr? Check out Fiatjaf’s Nostr Manifesto

Read the full Forbes article here

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