We’re majorly geeked up about Nostr, so the primo way to touch base with us is through a Nostr DM. But, for the old school among you, we’ve got email and some mainstream social media accounts, too. Now, don’t get it twisted. We’re not turning our backs on our fellow freedom fighters battling centralization and censorship. Nah, we’re just using those as bait to lure the normies into our purply, Bitcoin-enlightened world.

Nostr Universe

  • Herald: npub10eezfnlq4ad2lyf3478na8f5las4l7guuf55vs8378lwtk87hd7slf6zka
  • Tony: npub10awzknjg5r5lajnr53438ndcyjylgqsrnrtq5grs495v42qc6awsj45ys7
  • Raptor: npub1kenh4ng392s0xnsu8t2x65xycaldcpe4lcjml0z00h8qkyul0c2sgjjvcq
  • Alex: npub1qy672dr858panklxylmcqtv32v7u4w5slug3mkjsx47e2vg6a39qmhvf7x

Normie Land